Welcome, fellow freaks (referring to your eventual characters, not you in real life, by the way). There seems to be a lot of things you don’t know in this timeline, so let me break it down:

It’s the year 1971. Everything is roughly the same as it is back then, except for a few minor details. For one, the Cuban Missile Crisis ended in disaster instead of peaceful negotiation, leading to a nuclear bomb being sent to the U.S. During it’s arrival to the U.S., it malfunctions, and explodes before even entering the U.S., it detonates in the ocean. This leads the the Gulf Coast being on lock-down and the infiltration of the U.S. to Cuba, where the U.S. manage to win the standoff. The U.N. finally stepped in and helped the U.S. in the war, and now Cuba is now the 53’rd U.S. state since 1965.

There’s another problem arising, however. More and more Russian immigrants, mostly war refugees and people leaving the country due to multiple reasons, are entering the U.S. Due to this, and the open war still happening in Russia, there’s now a law only allowing U.S. citizens who have been born in the U.S. or have a special permission card to own a gun (not including Cuba). Citizens must also be over 18 to own a gun as well, and military weapons are only allowed to the military and police, thanks to Nixon. The only exception to carrying firearms is if you are going to public events or shows, which you must leave them in the car or some other place at that point.

Of course, this is all going on around the East Coast. On the West Coast, things aren’t as tense, but there’s still some political tension. People want to calm down. Luckily, there’s many things popping up: Movie theaters, water parks, casinos, and circuses. The most prestigious of these circuses, from a word of mouth, is the “Baron Darren’s Destiny Circus”. A circus, where every performance seems to be impossible, like most circuses. And there’s freaks on stage that do the impossible, like other circuses… Of course, the difference is that all the acts are real. No wires, no stunt doubles, this is the real deal…

And now, you, another person with a strange gift with it’s full potential unknown, bad or good, now joins the circus, to hide from the public or to show your face to all in the spotlight… It depends if you want those choices, that is.

United States for the Abnormal